Hiring a Band and having a DJ between breaks: Is this a good idea?

The entertainment you choose for your wedding often determines whether your wedding is over in an hour or two, or whether it will go the duration and beyond. One must choose entertainment wisely or all the money spent for the facility, flowers, food, etc., planning on a 4-hour reception, may be spent in vain. Okay, so now you need quality entertainment. How will it be?

The mark of a good party, at least from a musical point of view, is to keep the dance floor busy. There truly is nothing like live music, which can energize the crowd, and get people more excited for dancing. Live bands can change a word, a phrase, or skip or rewrite a whole verse if that’s needed to customize a song to fit the occasion making it a more personalized, family affair.

One concern about bands is that they take breaks. It is virtually impossible for a band to play continuously for four hours with no break. That is the trade-off of having the excitement of a live band leading your wedding DJ.

Now the question arises that is it a good idea to play a DJ between breaks. Of course yes. You shouldn’t have to have any break in the music at all. Wedding DJ provides the flexibility to play the “booty-shaking” music during the breaks. This break music is usually something totally different from what live bands play so it adds to the variety and never lets the passion settle down. Songs can quickly segue from great dance numbers to the perfect “cutting the cake song” or background music as someone makes a toast. Moreover you get the chance for your favorite dance song to be sung by the artist that made you fall in love, rather than a pale imitation.

Some wedding DJ will discount their DJ price if working with a band. So if you have prioritized your budget to allow for a band with disc jockey between breaks, you are setting yourself up for the best value in entertainment.

Having and band and dj services is ultimately the best solution if budget is not a concern.  A Wedding DJ can play between sets and once the band have packed up ensuring the best of both worlds.

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