Importance of DJs in Wedding Planning

A wedding is said to be one event that will stay in a couple’s consciousness for their whole lives. It is an event that is symbolized by true love between two people. A wedding is provided with a lot of emphasis and importance by the people who are undergoing it and by the people who are involved in it because they want the couple to be as happy and as satisfied as possible. Wedding preparation is thus imperative to have the perfect wedding.

In addition to all the other thousand details that you need to keep up with in planning your wedding is insuring that you have a great DJ lined up for your wedding. You may think any monkey can play music but keep in mind this will be the entertainer at your reception contributing 80% of the success of a wedding and also will be interacting with not just you but your guests.

There are two aspects of wedding music that need to be addressed when planning your big day. First you may wish to select certain music or hire a professional DJ to play during the actual wedding ceremony. But at the wedding reception, it’s pretty much anything goes when it comes to selecting wedding music, provided it’s tasteful.

Don’t just hire someone and tell them be here at 6. Be sure he fully understands what is expected of him.

He should be able to give you advice and suggestions for improving the tone and atmosphere of your wedding. An experienced DJ knows what works and what doesn’t at a wedding as many have done hundreds or thousands. He should be asking the size of the crowd, the median age of the crowd, and should also be getting a feel for the type of atmosphere that you want portrayed at your wedding.

Be sure you and the DJ have a plan in place. Sit down with the DJ prior to the ceremony and you and they go over details such as what he should be doing for the all the important events that will be taking place during your wedding and reception.

As with many things in your wedding, prior planning will make a huge difference in seeing that your wedding is just as you imagined.

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