Planning the Musical Selections for your Wedding Ceremony

The music for your wedding ceremony is one of the most important elements in creating the perfect mood that you desire for your most special day. Music plays many vital roles in the wedding ceremony, from providing flow and ambiance to highlighting the deeper emotional meaning. Selecting music that means something to you and your spouse is a significant part of your wedding planning. One needs to put a little thought into planning to select the perfect music for wedding. But if you know how your ceremony is going to proceed then it is usually fairly simple to choose and insert your favorite music selection. Experienced, well-researched DJs will be able to tailor the music in real time to fit what is going on in your ceremony, which will help one part flow effortlessly into the next. So one should not be afraid to tell the DJ exactly what you want. Often this will help them out as well, narrowing down the types of songs and making sure to play the list of your favorites. For the music, most wedding ceremonies have some major parts, each with their own special requirements: 1. The prelude Prelude music is generally slower, pensive and romantic. Music selections during the prelude will set the mood for the ceremony; gentle jazz or chamber music works perfectly here. 2. The wedding party’s processional This official beginning of the ceremony should have a slow but flowing feel, ushering the beautiful bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party down the aisle. 3. The bride’s processional You should choose a very special song for this incredible moment. Any classical piece that strikes you beautiful or meaningful can be used here. If you’re going with jazz, pop, or Broadway, use a song with beautiful music as well as lyrics that are meaningful to you. 4. The recessional Celebrations! Enthusiastic applause and joyous recessional music as the happy couple leads the way back up the aisle. The music you choose should be bright and upbeat, and reflect the excitement and elation. 5. The postlude The postlude sets a pleasant atmosphere as guests are leaving. Prefer to play music that is refined but upbeat, adding the finishing touch to your beautiful ceremony. Remember, this is your wedding day and the music you select is to enhance your ceremony. Just like all other aspects of your wedding, you should be involved in making the final decisions for your ceremony music. Music has the power to express beautiful sentiments to all of your friends and family during your wedding ceremony, so take advantage of it!

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