Popular Teen Music At Present

Music plays a large part in a teenager’s life. It paves way for them to express their feelings and themselves. Teenagers listen to popular songs from different kinds of music at least four to five hours a day. In reality teens all over the world love to listen to popular songs and are devoted to famous artists and musical genre such as r & b, pop and rock. Modern rock and pop are some of the types of music most teens listen to. Teens find these kinds of music change their moods, furnish their slang, prevail on their conversations and make an ambiance at social gatherings.

MP3, CD players, iPods and the internet maintain teenagers connected to their favorite artists and music most of the time. Teenagers are very selective in choosing music. This variety and selectivity is crucial for teens because it represents the symbolic environment of genres and the preferences are linked to individual or group identity element. That’s why teens choose their songs according to what music style they prefer. In some way, it reflects who they are.

“… it reflects our personality and that’s one reason we are friends, because we like the same kinda stuff.”

“We don’t want to be like everyone else on the streets today. We like to be individual. We admire the stars of Hip Hop”

A sense of individuality is only achievable by firstly knowing your sense of place – understanding who you are in terms of your relationships with others and common subscriptions to styles, values, attitudes, likes and patterns of behavior. There is nothing new in this, and it is by no means specific to youth– we have all developed our personal identities in this way.

Evidently personality characteristics are associated with youth’s preferences for the different themes of teen- age music. At around the ages of 14 or 15, issues such as personal appearance and dress style become more significant and it is at this stage that the desire to be associated with a particular genre of music is evident.

The present study aims additionally to develop a dependant variable by which adolescents actual preferences or various music themes may be measured quantitatively, in order that youth’s musical taste may be compared in terms of variables such as peer relations, parental control, and high school extracurricular activities.

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