The “Magic” of Jazz Music

The magic which jazz creates cannot be expressed in words. It is entertaining and appropriate for almost any occasion where people are interested in actually listening to the music. What could be better than that?

Music is a major part of your reception, and should be planned carefully. When you select music for your reception, keep in mind the age, musical preference of your guests, and most of all, atmosphere you want to create during the occasion.

No matter your wedding event, whether it is a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, cocktail hour, luncheon or dinner, jazz music is no doubt an amazing choice for brides and grooms. Jazz music is one of the richest, most expressive and most satisfying genres of music for your reception.

Whether a bride wants to walk down the aisle to a touching melody or dance to a swinging tune, jazz music can bring both and more Some engaged couples prefer to start the wedding reception with a first dance song that is a little more ‘jazzy’ than a romantic, slow ballad. While your guests are dining you probably don’t want to boisterous dance music. Consider jazz, soft rock or light classical music.

Jazz music is amazing in the background as it is loud enough to be heard but soft enough so that conversation can continue without straining if your DJ plays in appropriate volume. Owing to this amazing feature of jazz music it is considered perfect especially for the cocktail hour in a wedding reception. The cocktail hour may or may not be an extension of your postlude, depending on how and where you have your reception set up in relation to your ceremony. If your guests have had to travel to a new location, you may want your DJ to change the style of your music to reflect a more party-like atmosphere. You may want to choose background music that can be played as your guests mingle around the bar and cocktail area. Smooth jazz, instrumental versions of pop songs, playing classical pieces, or low-note jazz numbers are all good choices for the cocktail hour.

Jazz is a music that knows no limits, no boundaries and hence suits best to every wedding ceremony, wedding reception, cocktail hour, luncheon, dinner and more,”

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