Interview your wedding DJ to get your guests into the groove!

Most of us don’t wed more than once in our lifetime! So our wedding arrangements must be as memorable for the guests as they are for us. Besides the decorations and trappings the DJ is the most important experience for everyone, including you.

Of course you wouldn’t want to settle for an old bar band or some newbie DJ to ruin your reception. So to be sure you should interview your DJ before finalizing.

Start with these:

References from friends colleagues etc.
Contract details
Music list
See a Live show or video

Start by asking friends and colleagues about references they like and would recommend. It is much better and more reliable than just digging through yellow pages or phone book entries.

Once you shortlist a few, visit their upcoming performances. You may also check sites like YouTube for video recordings of their previous performances.

Cross check their previous performances. A decent DJ will certainly have a portfolio to showcase which you can verify. Although not a must but the longer they’ve been in business the more confident and aware they’d be.

Make sure that the DJ is aware of or has performed once at your venue. This kind of surety irons out the surprise factors.

It’s all about music. So ask your Djs about their music collection. Have a peek at their inventory (often online). Also if you want requests to be taken, ask about it. Tell them about your favourite songs and certainly about songs you do not want them to play. For a wedding night most good DJs should ask for your favorite couple song that they’ll play for the bride and groom.

Also, big companies may send out somebody else to showcase stuff to you so make sure that you talk to the actual DJ. Confirm that the guy you’re talking to will be the one performing on the actual night. Some companies will send out other unknown DJs after securing a contract in the name of some well known DJ under one pretext or the other. It won’t be hard to confirm such things from the internet though!

It’s best to arrange for the food as well as attire for your DJ. Make sure that the DJ dresses appropriately.

Don’t skimp on DJ. However, beware of hidden costs especially for overtime and lighting. Be firm on your budget and ask that the DJ handle limits graciously.

Lastly, make sure you do like the DJ. If you are comfortable you will communicate well and it won’t be hard to work out problems that eventually do come up.

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