Choosing Music For A Beach Wedding Reception

If you are planning to organize your wedding at the beach, you have to choose music to be played on your wedding reception day. It is the joint effort of bride, groom and the DJ to make the event successful. When you go to hire a DJ for your wedding reception you have to tell your details about the place, timings, your taste for the music, number of guests present in the party and many more things. It is a joint venture of both bride and the groom to tell about their tastes separately and to combine them together to make it perfect.

When you tell your DJ that your wedding reception will take place at the beach, he should be able to present the library of songs that are suitable for beach wedding reception. He should have different songs for the entrance of the bride and the groom, first dance, dance of father and the bride, dance of mother and the groom and others. You may provide your requests to the DJ.

Beach wedding reception is certainly a perfect choice to make your day memorable. Once you have decided that your wedding reception will take place at the beach, you have to make suitable arrangement for everything. Certainly you have chosen your wedding to take place on the beach to get a relaxed feeling. So, the music should be soothing to you as well as to your guests.

For your beach wedding reception your DJ should be a professional beach music artist. He should have some years of experience to perform at the beach for different wedding reception ceremonies.  Music on the beach should be touching to the heart, romantic and loving. It should be a slow music as you go on the beach to get some peace. So, peaceful music makes the environment more romantic during the cocktails and meal.

Another consideration is sound levels and electricity. You don’t want to plan a beach wedding, then not have the electricity you need available for the DJ.  In addition, you don’t want the sound to be over bearing or cause a noise complaint.

With some proper planning a beach wedding can be a great choice and have your guest talking for years.

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