Dance DJ’s –Guess The Mood of The Audience

If you are a dance DJ it is very important for you to determine the mood of your audience. Your performance should be such that it makes your guests happy and tapping their feet. Sometimes it may be difficult to judge the mood of the audience as there are different types of people in the party. But it is easy for you to carry a list of the latest music with you so that if any guest asks you to play a particular music, you can fulfill the demand of your audience.

As a DJ, your equipment should be well organized and always check the speakers before giving any public performance because it is through the quality of the speakers that the audience is entertained.  A good sounding speaker system should be full clarity and working fully.

Sometimes your audience may ask you to play the same music, so you have to keep your full spirits to give the same performance each time. It is up to you that you do not let your guests get bored or disinterested. Many times it may also happen that if you play the same music again and again your guests may get bored so it is you who has to decide and recognize what do your guests want and act accordingly. To become the best DJ you need to practice and be prepared.  Knowing your equipments capabilities and the top music on the charts is essential towards being prepared for the event.

To know the mood of your audience other method is to keep a list of the requests of your customers because it is very difficult to remember all the requests at one time. So, if you note down their requests, you can make all your customers happy by playing different music turn by turn. You should always keep in mind that you are giving your performance to please your customers. You have to give your best to please your guests. It is only the audience that can make you a high demand DJ, so it is your duty to guess the mood of your audience and play the music according to their demands.

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