Planning Tips: DJ At Your Wedding Reception

After wedding ceremony is over, now it is time for your wedding reception; an occasion that also has its own importance.  In your wedding reception, people come to congratulate you for your new life with your partner.  On that day you also need to entertain your guests.  A DJ at your wedding reception should be such that he is able to handle the guests in a perfect manner.  All your family members and friends should appreciate the entertainment as they have come to celebrate your day.

To choose a DJ for your reception day requires a great amount of time and dedication.  It is necessary to choose a perfect DJ for your reception who can make all your guests happy.  It is better to choose a professional DJ who knows how to entertain everyone and knows different kind of songs for different people.  People of different age groups and different tastes will be present at your reception, so your reception DJ should have songs for all kinds of people to make them happy and enjoy your reception.

The DJ that you choose should be able to adjust himself in the space available at the venue.  He should possess equipment that does not disturb the guests or the décor of the room.  A beautiful room can be quickly ruined by an amateur DJ setup on the edge of your dance floor.

It is always better to choose a DJ whom you have seen performing at a friend’s wedding reception. Without seeing the performance it is not wise to hire a DJ for your reception.  He may spoil your day and make your guests leave early.

It is better to choose a professional DJ/Emcee because they are more flexible than a live band.  Secondly, it will be more reasonable as live bands may cost much more than your budget can afford.  It is customary to provide food to the performers at your party.  So, if you hire a live band you may have to serve food to many people but if your hire a DJ there is only one or two people generally.

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