Planning Your Wedding Your Way

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life.  Everyone feels enthusiastic to plan his/her wedding in their own way.  You will also like to plan your wedding in your own unique way.  Here are some tips to best plan your wedding with your point of view.  The first and the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is the budget of you and your family.  You have to start working according to that.  Make a list of all your friends and relatives who are to be invited for the ceremony.  It is a great idea if you choose your invitation cards yourself.  Some online sites can save you money and have samples for you to look at.

The next thing is the suitable date.  You have to select a suitable date for your special day so that all your friends and relatives are easily available.  Next is the venue, the place where your ceremony will take place.  If you want to choose a church, you may have to pay a fee or sometimes it is free but you can pay generously after the event.

Now, you select the wedding gown and the wedding ring.  It is the most exciting part as you want to look at your best on your special day.  You also have to make a menu of the food items that would be prepared on your wedding day.  Work with the caterer to find the most preferred dishes that will give something for everyone.  Consider guests with allergies or vegetarians that might be coming and make sure you have an alternative.

Music is the most important part to make any event memorable. So it depends upon you, if you want to choose a DJ or a band for your wedding.  Generally people prefer to choose DJ as band is too costly and it is a big project to find a good band.  While hiring a DJ for your wedding, make sure that he is an experienced and a professional DJ.

Now comes the decoration part of your wedding.  You can hire a suitable florist to decorate the place with flowers, which is not expensive and will also make your place look wonderful.  Shop around and compare and make sure their reputation is excellent before you trust them to your special day.

There are so many things that you must think and plan for your special day.  But proper planning makes it all worthwhile and makes a wedding day filled with happiness and joy and not stress.

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