Tips For Saving Money While Planning a Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, you have a budget.  Everything should fit within your budget to enjoy your day.  While planning your wedding ,make a list of everything within your budget.  When you visit different places be sure to inquire about the price of all the things you need and  try to get the best and the cheapest when possible.

Dress is an important part of your day as you want to look at your best on your special day. Do not spend too much money. Wedding gowns are also available to rent or through sites like eBay or Craigslist.  Instead of buying a silk dress, you may get a polyester dress which also looks elegant.

Make a list of the important people who will be your guests.  Invite only those people to whom you cannot avoid.  This too will heavily save on the budget.

Second important item in your wedding is the food.  Food should be nourishing.  Plan some of the important items for the food.  Serve one or two items during the cocktail hour. You may opt for self service buffet instead of serving at the seats of the guests.

Flowering of the place or venue is important to get a good feel.  But do not spend too much on the flowers as well as with the invitations. Consider printing your own to save money.

Music creates an environment of joy or happiness.  You can hire a DJ for your special day as it will cost less as compare to band.  While hiring a DJ, speak to some experienced people and then decide the best one who is professional and can make your day memorable.

If you have any relative or friend who is related to the church, he can help you to organize your wedding at the church.  All the tips given in this article can help you to plan your wedding in your own way within your budget.

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