Wedding Day Mistakes and Tips To Avoid Them

The Wedding day is the most special event in everybody’s life.  You start planning for your wedding many months before as there are so many things that you have to keep in mind while planning for your special day.  But sometimes due to lack of knowledge and time, you may make some blunder in planning your wedding.  Some of the general mistakes made by people in their wedding maybe things most commonly overlooked.

First of all you should start working for your wedding about 12-15 months prior so that you have enough time to plan for everything.  Make a list of the likely guests that you want to invite to your wedding so that nobody is left.  By preparing a list of all the guests you will invite allows you to know about how many people will be present on your wedding and you can arrange according to it.  Now you can choose a suitable venue where all the people can easily be accommodated.

You have to choose a wedding dress for yourself, so you have to choose the best one to look gorgeous on your special day.  If readymade dress is not available in your size, you can get it prepared so that you look at your best at your wedding.

Music is the most important part of your wedding reception.  Music can make your day wonderful and enjoyable.  Music should be such that it is remembered by people for months and years.  You have two options either a live band or a mobile DJ.  These days’ people prefer to choose mobile DJ as they are easily available and also suit your budget.  But you have to find a professional, well experienced DJ who can add spice and entertainment to your wedding to make it an extraordinary event.

Food should be healthy and yummy.  Many people complain of not getting good food choices at wedding parties.  So, you have to make a suitable arrangement for providing best catering services at your wedding so that people do not complain or fuss about anything.  After all, happy guests make for a wonderful memory for the Bride and Groom.

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