Choosing best songs for each genre at your wedding

People of different age groups will be attending your wedding. You have to arrange to provide entertainment for each genre. You have to make a list of latest songs that are suited for each genre. You have to place them in an order so that the DJ does not get confuse. When you hire a DJ for your wedding you may show your list to him and ask if he knows all the songs. It is important that you visit your DJ many days before your wedding so that if he does not know any songs from your list he should have ample time to prepare for the same.

Different genre like different kind of music. So you have to choose a good DJ who can easily transit from one form of music to the other. Your DJ should know the perfect timings to play music for each genre separately so that nobody in your party get bored. You have to choose the latest songs for your wedding party that is liked most by the people. For old guests that are coming to attend your party you have to choose some good old songs. Your old guests would like to hear some soft music so choose some soft music to entertain your old guests. On the other hand people from young genre would like to hear some good dance music which will make their feet tapping on the ground.

By choosing best music for each genre you can make your wedding a dream come true as all your guests would feel happy and will remember your wedding party for many years. This will give you an immense pleasure as your day will become wonderful when all the people attending your wedding party will dance on different tunes of music according to their tastes. You only should be aware about the different tastes of your friends and family members so that you can choose the best music for them and provide them full entertainment on your wedding day.

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